acadian auto spa

Our Mission Statement:
”At Acadian Auto Spa, it is our mission to provide a fast, friendly, clean and shiny experience to every customer at a great value, while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility and goodwill toward the community in which we live“

Acadian Auto Spa is locally owned and operated by the St Cyr family and we are committed to giving our customers the best professional automatic wash in town. As a reasonably priced auto spa we offer advanced state of the art equipment and treatments including an advanced automatic tire shine and an extreme sun protectant to protect your cars finish.

Unlike many rollover car washes, Acadian Auto Spa provides a new level of clean for your car! We are the only double automatic car wash in the Lafayette area! Acadian Auto Spa boasts two Belanger Freestyler soft touch automatics, which are developed from the top down to offer an open, airy, and pleasant wash experience we call Clear Bay.

The freestylers overhead gantry design opens up the wash bay, speeds up loading, and saves you time. You can literally wash your car in less than 3 minutes! Pull up, make a selection and zip right through to a cleaner happier car.

The Hydroblade wheel stinger surrounds the vehicle with 10 high–pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of nooks and crannies. This creates a soft touch/high pressure combination wash.

A concern of ours was after a good wash not being able to properly dry a vehicle. At Acadian Auto Spa we have decided to go big. We installed 5 air dryer cannons that have 50hp of drying capabilities!

We care about the environment! We use all environmentally friendly chemicals which range from our triple foam to our drying agent which helps ensure a perfect quick spot free dry every time. We also use a specifically formulated sealer wax to protect from the harsh sun rays.

Not only will your car be clean, but you and your car will be leaving with a smile!

The only double automatic car wash in town.

Visit us today for the best professional automatic wash in Acadiana!