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Our Mission Statement:
”At Acadian Auto Spa, it is our mission to provide a fast, friendly, clean and shiny experience to every customer at a great value, while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility and goodwill toward the community in which we live“

Acadian Auto Spa is locally owned and operated by the Echelard family and we are committed to giving our customers the best professional automatic wash in town. As a reasonably priced auto spa we offer advanced state of the art equipment and treatments including an advanced automatic tire shine and an extreme sun protectant to protect your cars finish.

Unlike many rollover car washes, Acadian Auto Spa provides a new level of clean for your car! We are the only double automatic car wash in the Lafayette area! Acadian Auto Spa boasts two Belanger Freestyler soft touch automatics, which are developed from the top down to offer an open, airy, and pleasant wash experience we call Clear Bay.

The freestylers overhead gantry design opens up the wash bay, speeds up loading, and saves you time. You can literally wash your car in less than 3 minutes! Pull up, make a selection and zip right through to a cleaner happier car.

The Hydroblade wheel stinger surrounds the vehicle with 10 high–pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of nooks and crannies. This creates a soft touch/high pressure combination wash.

A concern of ours was after a good wash not being able to properly dry a vehicle. At Acadian Auto Spa we have decided to go big. We installed 5 air dryer cannons that have 50hp of drying capabilities!

We care about the environment! We use all environmentally friendly chemicals which range from our triple foam to our drying agent which helps ensure a perfect quick spot free dry every time. We also use a specifically formulated sealer wax to protect from the harsh sun rays.

Not only will your car be clean, but you and your car will be leaving with a smile!

The only double automatic car wash in town.

Who we are.

Welcome to our carwash! My wife and I would like to share a bit of ourselves with you, and how we decided to open a carwash in the Lafayette area. Our names are Kory and Bridget Echelard, and we both grew up in New Orleans. In 2005 our home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. We had three small children at the time and saw that we needed to make some quick decisions about where and how we wanted to settle.

We had evacuated to the Lafayette area during those months when we could not return to our home. We knew nothing about Lafayette. We simply needed a roof over our heads until we could return to New Orleans. We enrolled our children in a preschool here in Lafayette and immediately not only did our children fall in love with this city, but we did too. The community made us feel at home and embraced us as if we were family that had come home. The thought of returning to New Orleans just didn’t quite seem right for our family. We fell in love with Lafayette’s culture, the food, the neighborhoods, the local businesses, and most importantly the people. My wife and I knew we needed to make our lives work here.

My wife, Bridget, is a stay at home mom, and I am involved in a family shrimp business that we decided to move here in the Acadiana region. On my way to work every day I pass down Verot School Road. I saw the demand for a car wash on that route that offers what we offer. I’m on the road a lot and was struggling to find a car wash that was convenient to commuters on Verot like me. I have always been meticulous about our vehicles and keeping them clean and in good shape. I came home one day in 2013 and told my wife I wanted to open a car wash on Verot School Road and asked her if she would be willing to help me. The decision was made. We worked and planned on our facility for the next year and a half until we were finally able to open in July of 2015. This car wash has been a dream of mine, and I feel blessed to be able to service the community and allow others to feel a little less stressful about the chore of cleaning their vehicle.

We believe in safety for you and your car as well as safety for the environment! Providing a clean, dry and shiny car while also trying to keep our guests safe, is extremely important to us. Your vehicle is an investment, and we intend to keep it safe. We use only biodegradable detergents and make sure our suppliers have met stringent environmental standards. We also refuse to use the harsh acids used by many other car washes to get the vehicle clean; these acids are extremely harmful to the environment and over time they damage the car as well.

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